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Before you start


Service software/solution by SE themselves. Protected by the EMMA smartcard to prevent non-licensed usage. Current version is EMMA3, though EMMA2 is still alive (but kinda useless on newer phones). The EMMA smartcard contains an algorithm that allows EMMA to communicate directly to/with the phones CID, so performing operations the way they were intended. The smartcard and its algorithm has not been kracked. Current EMMA access levels exists:Service Update – Can’t unlock phones.Service Update Pro – Can’t unlock phones. Network Operator – Can’t unlock phones (but sure as hell can lock them ). Service Center Std – Can’t unlock phones. Service Center Rc – Can unlock phones, as they have a special version of the smartcard with a CSCA key.Research & Development – Can unlock phones, as they have a special version of the smartcard with a CSCA key.

I’ve seen many people sometimes have problem with SEUS. Where there is no re-install option after SEUS detecting our current firmware version. Even after run script with XS++ the re-install button is still unavailable and phone is still dead or stuck at booting.
So this tool will solve that problem. This tool will also help for those who doesn’t have internet connection to flash his/her dead phone via SEUS and those who have failed while update via SEUS.


This version can be only used in offline mode, so before use, please turn off your internet connection. If your internet connection is on, than you will unable to login into EMMA III with username & password listed below. If your connection is on, EMMA will download available program update before display login form and it will be unable to login to the program.
After you extract downloaded EMMA III, don’t delete the rar archives. Just in case, if you can’t open EMMA after trying to use it online, you can extract the rar files again and use it again as usual.

Before you start flashing you have to fully charge your battery!


As always you can download files from the download section. You can find there light (1GB) version or full (3.3GB) version. Both of them should work properly, so try light version if you have no time or slow Internet connection.

Let’s begin

Opening EMMA

  1. Install seehcri driver from Emma III\Seehcri\DPInst.exe
  2. Execute Emma.exe in Emma III Folder and wait for login form to be displayed.
    Username: kelik
    Password: Y+c4@e&8
  3. Insert username & password, then click login
  4. While login process is taking place EMMA will load all needed files then it will show notification Failed to communicate with server and will ask for confirmation. Choose NO, so it will not automatically connect to server when connection available.
  5. Emma III is open and ready to use.

Things, you should know before start using EMMA III Offline

  • EMMA will be only available for matching firmware version (check your CDA). If your current CDA does not match with Available service in this pack then Emma won’t be available for you.
  • Most firmware and services in this pack are only available for Generic World 2 (GW2) & Indonesia Firmware.
  • To see available service list for your phone open EMMA III, go to Tool > Manage Local service (it will found 373 services). In filter list type your phone model (for example: P990). Then it will show available services for your phone.
  • If your current Firmware version is not GW2 or Indonesia nor available in the service then use XS++ and run script to change your CDA version to match it with available service.

Flashing smartphone

  • Open EMMA III program (follow instructions above).
  • Turn off your phone, remove SIM card & memory card
  • Attach USB data cable to PC (do not attach cable to your phone now)
  • Press and hold ‘C’ button or internet button (’@’)
  • Attach USB cable to your phone. Wait until your PC detect your device (if it ask for diver then use attached signed driver and browse to the extracted driver folder)
  • Wait until EMMA detect you phone then relese the ‘C’ or ‘@’ button. EMMA will show you available service for your phone.

Here’s screenshot of my P990

As you can see in screenshot above, there is only P990 phone lock view service is available for my phone.
While there is actually available two services for P990 which is “P990i Generic World 2” & “P990i phone lock view”
So why the “P990i Generic World 2” service is not available for my phone??
You can find the answer in connected item tab in the left side. It’s because my phone CDA is CDA162007/1 (Generic World 1 / GW1), while there is only “P990i Generic World 2” service available. So “P990i Generic World 2” service won’t be available for my phone and I can’t flash my phone using EMMA with my current CDA. Then if I want to flash my phone then I have to use XS++ to change the CDA version. Then this service will be available for my phone.

Screenshot of M600

In the screenshot above (M600) you can see that all services are displayed in service section it’s because M600 firmware is CDA162011/2 (GW2).

  • Flashing: to flash your phone choose Generic World 2 or click on other service if you want to do else. Then click “Apply Service”. In my case I try “P990 phone lock view”.
  • Wait until process completes successfully.
  • After it completes, connected item tab will become gray and service log will display “Success”.
  • Remove USB from your phone, remove battery and insert it back. Insert your SIM card and memory card.
  • Turn on your phone and it’s done.


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Before you start

This tutorial i only for M600, P990, P1, W960

For W950, G700, G900 see: How to change the UIQ3 CDA

Changing CDA

  1. Backup GDFS.
  2. Connect your smartphone with XS++ again (restart, remove battery, etc.). Don’t forget to tick Smartphone connect.
  3. Wait until XS++ detect your phone.
  4. At Write Smartphone CDA/Version Change tab choose your desired CDA (choose GW2 if you need to flash using EMMA III).
  5. Click Run Script.
  6. Wait until the process is done, then disconnect USB cable.


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Before you start

For who?

Here’s how to change your G900 to Generic World (or any other firmware if you have the CDA code). It should be pretty easy to understand.

This also works for M600, P1i, W960, P990, and other SE UIQ3 Symbian smartphones (not sure about older ones).


If you do something wrong, it is possible that you will brick your smartphone. Do it at your own risk.

Why would I want to change CDA to Generic World?

  • Firmware updates are released for the Generic World CDAs before any localized CDAs (especially eastern ones).
  • You can change it to any localized firmware too, if you know the code.

Any side effects?

  • No Chinese support with the Generic World CDA. You can change yours from Singapore to Hong Kong etc if you still want Chinese, but it wont make much of a difference.


  • Hardware:
    • The phone, of course.
    • PC with USB port, and preferably Windows XP. If you have Vista or newer Windows, run XS++ in XP compatibility mode to be sure. Make sure SEUS is working first!!!
    • DCU 65 or DCU 60 (USB data cable). The one that comes with your phone usually is DCU 65.
  • Software:
    • Sony Ericsson Update Service (SEUS). You probably have this on the CD that came with your phone. If not, download it.
    • XS++. You can download it from here.
    • HexWorkshop from here. You can use any hex editor of course, but this one is pretty good with built in checksum calculators (which will be needed).

All the software is free*. It won’t cost you anything if you do it right (except time).

*HexWorkshop has a 30 day trial. More than enough to finish this.

Changing CDA

First of all, you can see your firmware versions by opening the Menu. Touch More, and touch System Information. It will give you the firmware versions. Write them down somewhere.

  1. Run SEUS. Follow the instructions. If it doesn’t find new software for your phone then continue.
  2. Backup GDFS using XS++.
  3. Install Hex Workshop if you haven’t already.
  4. Open Hex Workshop. Click on Options>Preferences, and under Columns, there will be a drop down box titled Group by:. Select 2 (short). Apply and click OK.
  5. Open the GDFS.BIN file in Hex Workshop.
  6. You should see something like this:

    Most of it won’t make sense, but we don’t need most of it.
  7. Scroll to the very end of the file.
  8. Now on the right you will see the firmware versions of your phone. This is what we need to change.
  9. The one at the very end is the CDA firmware. You need to change it to the Generic World 1 version. The code for the Generic World 1 is:
    CDA: 1204-3148 R6J825
    (The one you see in the screenshot is my old CDA firmware versions.)
  10. When changing the text, you cannot select all and replace. You need to place the flashing thing before the letter you want to edit and type. It will automatically overwrite it.
  11. So put the cursor before the CDA code starts and type “1204-3148” and click before ‘R’ and type “R6J825” (without the quotes of course). Don’t type in the periods, it will change the hex code.
  12. So now you should have the same number of letters. Only the letters are different.
  13. This is the important part. If this is not done right, it will not work.
    Select exactly the same letters (on the right side) as in the picture below. Starting from the 2 dots before the first version number, to the last letter of the CDA version.
  14. Click on Tools, then on “Generate Checksum”.
  15. Just click on “Generate”.
  16. On the bottom right you will see a lot of checksums and CRCs.

    Note the value of the 8-bit checksum (Checksum-8, the first one). This will probably be different for you, its ok. The value will have two letters/numbers.
  17. On the left side, (as in the picture) there should be a block “000D” after the selected part. In the next block, change the first two letters to the value of the 8-bit checksum. Be careful not to change anything else.

    The “000D” might also appear split into two parts as shown below:

    This is ok, it should still work.
  18. Save the file under another name (but as a .bin file).
  19. Connect and turn on the phone the same way as earlier using XS++.
  20. Under the GDFS tab, beside the Restore GDFS button, select the modified .bin file.
  21. Click on Restore GDFS. Might take a minute or two.
  22. After its done, and XS++ disconnects the phone, take out the battery, put it back in and restart. You should now see TWO firmware versions under CDA. This is normal. But if you don’t see two versions, it means you did something wrong.
  23. Update the phone using SEUS, it should now detect it as Generic World 1, and will download the updated firmware. Firmwares are also available here. It will take a while though, depending on your internet connection.
  24. After SEUS finishes everything, restart and you should see the latest firmware version and only one CDA version.
  25. If it doesn’t work, just restore the original GDFS, and your phone should be the same as earlier.
  26. To update firmare you can use Emma III Offline instead of SEUS.


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How to backup GDFS?

You just have to do few easy steps to backup your smartphones GDFS:

  1. As always, find the XS++ in the download section to get the tool.
  2. Turn your device off, remove battery and SIM card.
  3. Put the battery again (without SIM card).
  4. Then open XS++.
  5. Tick Smartphone connect and click connect.
  6. While phone’s still off, hold down ‘C’ button on phone, then connect USB Cable to PC and phone.
  7. It will start detecting the phone and give a few messages. Do not release the button until you get message “Ready for operation”.

    NOTE: When you have the old CDA, XS++ might detect it as aanother phone (I took this screenshot AFTER modding). It does not matter, its ok.
  8. Don’t touch anything else in XS++.
  9. Click on the GDFS button in the Configuration group.
  10. You should see a button called Backup GDFS. Click on it.
  11. It will start saving the GDFS file. It will take about 30 seconds – 1 minute.
  12. After its done, go to the folder where you unzipped the {color:green}XS++% software. There should be another folder called Backup inside.
  13. In the Backup folder, there will be one *.BIN file with its name something like W960_************_GDFS_BACKUP.bin.
  14. Make a copy of the file, and don’t touch it.
  15. Disconnect the phone


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Screenshots of Curve Font
from my download:

Symbian UIQ3 does not let us change the fonts in menu, so you have to do it manually. But don’t worry – it’s the simplest modification and you don’t have to even unlock system files. Just follow my tutorial.

Prepare your font

First thing you have to know is that you can have only one font installed on your phone at the same time. One font requires four files:

  • Sans-Serif_Latin-Regular.ttf
  • Sans-Serif_Latin-Bold.ttf
  • Sans-Serif_Latin-Italic.ttf
  • Sans-Serif_Latin-BoldItalic.ttf

You can get your favourite fonts from everywhere. Just search for .ttf files in the Internet, in WINDOWS folder on your PC (if using Windows, of course) or get it form my download.

After you download a font, duplicate it few times, because – as you know – you have to have 4 files.

Finally, rename the files, as I listed above. It have to be exactly the same filenames – that’s the reason you can have only one font at the same time.
Now you have font ready to be used on your device.

Setting up

It couldn’t be easier:

  1. Connect your phone to PC in Transfer mode (or just open any file manager on your smartphone, if you have font files in its memory).
  2. On your mamory card create folder Resource and then create folder Fonts in it.
  3. Copy your font to D:(memcard)\Resource\Fonts.
  4. Unplug the phone and restart it.


When you get bored of your font, you can change it to another, but remember about correct filenames. If you want to restore system fonts, just delete font from memory card and system font will be restored automatically after restart.


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